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Assume for the moment you are Jamie. Cooper Gore as Neighbor's Kid. Olivia Wilde has some fun as a lawyer who has elements of both Dave and Mitch, giving warmth and a little vulnerability to a character who would otherwise just be a superficial fantasy figure. And Jason Bateman again proves how much a one note actor he is. Hassan as Kinkabe Lawyer.

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Point Counter-Point Review: ‘The Change-Up’ Is Gross-Out Unfunny Or Messy But With Amusing Laughs

Sep 14, Rating: 3. The information I provide about parental concerns like language, sex, and violence is there to make it clear who that intended audience is. Including the ridiculous photo of the supposed movie mom? Skip to content The Change-Up Posted on August 4, at pm The movie has barely begun and Dave Jason Bateman already has projectile baby poop all over his face and in his mouth. I don't do it very often, but occasionally I feel inclined to review two films in one article. Click here to see the rest of this review.

The Change Up (Film) - TV Tropes

Dave tries to explain the truth to Dave's wife Jamie played by Leslie Mann but she doesn't believe him. And gory and disturbing stories existed long before movies — look at myths, Bible stories, Shakespeare, opera. His friend since childhood, Mitch Ryan Reynolds , is a socially and spiritually handicapped man-child who smokes pot all day, works a few jobs as an actor, and gleefully debases as many women as possible. Dave wants to make partner, land the merger, be with his wife, and support his daughter; Mitch wants to sleep with Sabrina, and maybe also impress his dad Alan Arkin. They've been best friends since grade school. Matthew Stanton as PA. They did not switch until there was a selfless act of Mitch in Dave's body where he confessed the truth of the initial switch, and also when they began to miss their lives.
On the way home, they stopped to pee in a fountain unknown to them this was a magic fountain, and somehow when they woke up the next morning they had switched bodies. Leslie Mann gives a solid performance, but this is the same shtick we've seen from Reynolds and Bateman their whole career. Mitch and Dave are best friends. Posted Monday, August 8, am. The Change-Up features a talented, likable cast in a completely unoriginal story. I mean, when Mitch does go in, he behaves so out of character that I'd think that his bosses would seriously want to have him examined by a doctor. Because the fountain is in the very center of a busy shopping mall, Mitch gets pee shy and cannot urinate in front of the crowd.
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