Of adult teeth

He estimates about 1 percent of his patients are affected. Dentin protects the innermost part of the tooth, called the pulp. Finally, take a whiff. This is why you see dogs grasp chew toys with the side of their mouth, chomping feverishly. So go ahead and enjoy a bite after your meal. Next time blame the carnassial teeth instead of your dog.
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Everything you need to know about teeth

Behind each canine are two premolars, which can both cut and grind food. Dogs both large and small can develop serious oral and periodontal problems. The upper incisors have a delicate tactile sense that enables them to be used for identifying objects in the mouth by nibbling. Babies will chew on almost anything. How can I tell if my dog has gum disease?
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Teeth facts and figures - NHS

Larger breeds tend to experience more traumatic injuries to teeth and gums such as fractured tooth tips, broken jaws, and worn tooth surfaces. Molars are the toughest of the bunch. Mouse has 16 teeth which serve it for whole of its life. The cells interpretation of a received signals then determines its response, growth, gene expression or even cell death. Behind each canine are two premolars, which can both cut and grind food.
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The pulp is where each tooth's nerve endings and blood supply are found. In mammals an outer layer of enamel , which is wholly inorganic and is the hardest tissue in the body, covers part or all of the crown of the tooth. We rely on these teeth for grinding and crushing chunks of food. Humans have 20 primary and 32 permanent teeth. Permanent teeth begin erupting at 6yrs of age and end at 21yrs of age. Molars are the toughest of the bunch.
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